Shoes vs barefoot

No hoof No horse Horses with good conformation and structural sound hooves may do just fine all their life without shoes. Just being trimmed as needed. On the other hand, horses with less than ideal conformation, weak hoof structure or an involvement in equine sports will perhaps need to be shod. Wild horses have thoughFortsett å lese «Shoes vs barefoot»

Colors in the Morgan horse.

The Morgan horse come in a vide variety of colors, although they are most commonly known to be black, bay or red/chestnuts. But they do come in gray, dun, silver dapples, cream dilutes (buckskin, palomino, cremello, perlino and smokey black) and the chrome colors splash, sabino and frame (those colors almost vent extinct after 34Fortsett å lese «Colors in the Morgan horse.»

Saddle seat riding

Saddle seat is a competition, where the horse move around with upright neck and animated gaits and the riders where long coat and derby hat. History The saddle seat equitation evolved from the times when the plantation owners would show of their flashy, high stepping horses in the park on Sundays. Hence the name parkFortsett å lese «Saddle seat riding»

My training philosophy

There have always been people who could make an animal almost do whatever he or she told them to do. It takes a lot of courage to change your way of thinking. What you learned when you where a child usually stick. And if you ask to much you get told to stop asking soFortsett å lese «My training philosophy»

The Morgan Breed.

The morganhorse is a horse of proud bearing. They are though, sound, athletic horses, heralded for their versatility as well as their cooperative and people pleasing nature. Many things have been said about the first Morgan horse. That he was of an unknown breeding. But in an advertise made in The sportsman in 1778 MrFortsett å lese «The Morgan Breed.»