My training philosophy

There have always been people who could make an animal almost do whatever he or she told them to do.

Escanias Luna and me

It takes a lot of courage to change your way of thinking. What you learned when you where a child usually stick. And if you ask to much you get told to stop asking so much «it has always been like that». But I like to ask question, and not because I don’t know anything, just because I want to hear what different people think about different aspect. There is always something new to learn. Even a first time horse person can teach you something in a different way or just see the world trough different eyes.

For example I don’t always walk the horse on my right side, I also don’t mount the horse on his left side every time. All of this is from the military and I don’t have a military horse.

I believe that to be around horses should be fun for both you and the animal. Why would you do something that is both demanding for your economy, your physic and your psychic if you don’t enjoy it? And on that saying you should give your horse that possibility also. To be a horse as long as it is possibly, be outside with or near friends, be able to run and play and most of all have a human who understand horses or want to understand him.

I also believe that everything should be in harmony. Just like a dance, you are dancing together. Not one is bossing one around like a servant. And it should also look nice. It will of course not be spectacular in the beginning but still there is a feeling of harmony.

But most important. The way is the goal. We are never finished learning, there is always something more. Some tips or tricks you never thought about. Did you know that if you start to drive a young horse he develop more muscles and therefor will already have got muscles when you want to start riding him. As an added bonus he have already seen part of the world, so he don’t get so nervous.

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I am a happy horseowner. Together with Luna we will show you our ups and downs in the horsetraining.

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