Colors in the Morgan horse.

The Morgan horse come in a vide variety of colors, although they are most commonly known to be black, bay or red/chestnuts. But they do come in gray, dun, silver dapples, cream dilutes (buckskin, palomino, cremello, perlino and smokey black) and the chrome colors splash, sabino and frame (those colors almost vent extinct after 34 years of the max white law)

In 1962 the American Morgan horse Association stated that horses with white over the knee and/or too much white on the face (and god forbidd white on the body) would not be registered pure bred Morgan horse.

This law was removed in 1996.

The base colors in all horses are Black, bay and red

Escanias Vangelios is a black morgan horse with one hidden creamgene he lives at Escanias in Sweden and he is also Lunas father
Escanias DCX Gaslighter is a bay morgan stallion at Escania in Sweden
Escanias Helios is a red or also called chestnut morgan stallion at Escania

The dun gene bleach all colors

Amberfields Blaze N Dun is a baydun morgan stallion at Rafter Bar D ranch,
RBD Sues Lonesome Dove is a blackdun or also called Grulla morgan mare

The creame colors bleach only the red hair on a horse. But in dobbel dose the horse is born white whit blue eyes, cremello, perlino or smoky black.

Golget Sissy is a buckskin colored morgan mare
Escanias Marygold is a palomino morgan mare
Amberfields Luminescence is a cremello morgan stallion whom lives with Anna Velkey Sølvberg

The silverdapple bleach the black hair on a horse.

Unconventional is a bay silverdapple morgan stallion living in England
Silver Eagle is a black silverdapple morgan stallion at Sunrise Ranch

The gray gene makes the horse in every colors turn white over time

Jax silver Lining is a gray morgan stallion at Three Fates farm

The frame genes gives you a pinto colored horse in every colors

Sky Walker AB is a palomino frame colored morgan mare

The splash gene mostly gives a big blaze, blue eyes and high socks

Oregon County Flash is a palomino splash morgan stallion at Andy Marlett

The sooty makes all other colors darker or more shadowy, and the flaxen give a light mane and tail in some red horses.

This is Island Centavo an buckskin colored morgan horse whom is so darken by the sooty in his color that he almost look black. He lived at the Escania morgans
Thorells Spring Breeze is a red flaxen morgan gelding with owner Lotta Bjørnstrøm in Sweden

And than you have combination of the colors

Princess is a Dunalino morgan mare wich mean that she is a palomino and dun combination, the gray in her mane comes from the sooty coloring
Schaenzer silver Lining is a gaited black silverdapple grullo morgan stallion standing at stud in Netherland

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I am a happy horseowner. Together with Luna we will show you our ups and downs in the horsetraining.

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